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ATM of America (“AOA”) is an Independent Sales Organization (“ISO”) in the ATM industry since 2001. Since then, AOA has grown to be a national award-winning ATM ISO. By strengthening our foundation in the small business sector, we were able to attain the knowledge and experience necessary to provide ATM solutions for larger enterprises and governmental agencies.

Our continued success is built on our promise to provide tailored solutions to our clients’ needs. In doing so, our clients’ growing concerns with credit card processing motivated us into launching subsidiary companies; Platinum Processing Services, LLC d/b/a Card Network, a credit card processing company; and Municipal Payment Solutions, a web and kiosk payment processor for governmental agencies. The drive to ensure the satisfaction of every single merchant from the seasonal fireworks tent to district courthouses has made ATM of America a reliable business partner.

ATM of America, Inc. Through The Years

Since the late 60s when the first ATM was made available, ATM of America and its predecessors have been committed to being at the center of the banking revolution. Today, ATM of America is a tech-forward company tirelessly dedicated to delivering the most secure method of off-premise banking to millions of customers every day.

Explore our interactive milestones below for a look into the impact technology has made on us all.

  • 2001


    ATM of America is formed and grows organically for the next four years.

  • 2005

    Agent program

    ATM of America develops a turnkey agent program providing solutions from sales to installation.

  • 2006


    Portfolio acquisition adds to growth.

  • 2007

    Vault Management

    Relationships with armored services are established with leading providers including Brinks and Garda.

  • 2008

    Credit Card Processing

    Platinum Processing Services, LLC d/b/a Card Network was established as a sister company to ATM of America to address the growing need for credit card processing.

  • 2010

    Agent Program

    An Agent Program was designed for individuals who wanted to build their own portfolio of credit card processing merchants.

  • 2013

    Municipal Payment Solutions

    MPS was founded to process payments made to government entities.

  • 2019

    Acquisition and Expansion

    ATM of America embarks on a strategic path of acquisition and expansion, strengthening market presence and diversifying service offerings to better serve our clients nationwide. These initiatives have positioned us for continued growth and innovation in the ATM and financial services industry.

  • 2021

    New Headquarters

    ATM of America relocates to a modern, purpose-built headquarters, setting the stage for continued innovation and growth in serving our clients and partners.

Our Processors

We trust our processors to help us provide security, reliability, and the most efficient customer support. Our processors have also made it possible for us to provide a front-end network solution that enables a dial terminal, POS or gateway to connect to the Visa, MasterCard, and regional network systems for authorization from card issuing financial institutions.

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Our Partners

Sponsoring Banks

While our processors play a pivotal role in the authorization of ATM transactions, our federally chartered sponsor banks make it possible for us to connect our merchants to Visa, MasterCard, and regional networks across the nation. Our sponsor banks handle all funds, deposits and settlements with such accuracy and precision that the trust our merchants have had with our services has led to continued growth of our company.