ATM Service and Warranty

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ATM of America, Inc. prides itself with a team of technicians here to assist you with all of your ATM service and repair needs. Our technicians’ experience and familiarity with virtually every ATM machine on the market sets them well above any of our competitors. When your machine is down, it is a reflection of ATM of America, Inc. Therefore, keeping your machine in service is as important to us as it is to you. In most cases, a simple phone call can resolve your issue in a matter of minutes. In the event an on-site visit is required, our team of industry professionals will have your terminal up and running in a matter of hours.


Manufacturer warranties are limited to one year in length. In addition, these warranties provide coverage for parts only and do not include labor charges. Independent ATM technicians can charge up to $250 per hour. As a result, ATM of America, Inc. has created extended warranty programs providing 100% coverage for both parts and labor. Should your ATM machine malfunction for any reason within the warranty term, you are guaranteed prompt and hassle-free repair services at no cost to you.