Mission & Vision


As an ATM ISO, our mission is to provide ATM convenience and security by maintaining knowledge and understanding of the ATM and payment processing industry as it continues to grow and evolve.


Our vision of being able to provide custom solutions for merchants and agents, whether they have a free standing terminal in a convenience store or a 200 terminal portfolio is due to our ability to adhere to our principles of originality, reliability, and technology driven solutions.

Commitment to Excellence

ATM of America, Inc. is continuously seeking innovative solutions while remaining committed to superior equipment standards than most. In addition, we focus heavily on tech-driven solutions and remain current on all technological advances our industry has to offer.  ATM of America, Inc. strives for distinction in business ethics because we want to remain a reliable provider for our merchants, agents, and affiliates. We seek out partnerships with our merchants and agents and work to establish healthy relationships with our competitors. In doing so, we never lose sight of our vision.


We have created a strategy that would allow us the ability to leverage our ATMs beyond their transacting abilities. Our strategy allows our Agents and Merchants an opportunity to use the machines as marketing channels.

Users are able to preset their preferences for what kinds of transactions they would like to perform as well as the kind of information they want to receive.

Modern ATM wrapping can be made consistent with any other marketing channels a merchant or agent utilizes. Therefore, the brand recognition will draw attention to other avenues of marketing.

Utilizing the ATM to market a variety of products and services can be less expensive to produce and distribute than marketing through traditional methods such as mailers and ads.