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Whether you’re interested in dedicating yourself full-time to the creation of a highly-profitable portfolio, or simply looking to make some extra money, ATM of America, Inc. will help you jump start your own ATM business – requiring very little out-of -pocket. Here at ATM of America, Inc. we understand the difficulties of owning and operating your own business, so we do our part to make this opportunity as effortless as possible. As an Agent, you would own, locate, operate, and manage your very own portfolio of ATM’s. Depending on your personal business format and/or individual agreement characteristics, you could earn up to 100% of the surcharge fee(s)* collected, plus commission!

You can place an ATM practically anywhere! This includes gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, bars, dance clubs, outdoor events, etc. Just as we do for our own merchants, ATM of America, Inc. will ensure your ATM vault cash is deposited into your account on a daily basis. The online-real-time-reporting system is of significant value to you as an Agent, once again allowing you to view all transactions up-to-the-minute, review monthly activity, project load amounts, set up alerts via to notify you when your machine is low on cash, out of service, etc.

When purchasing your ATM terminal directly from ATM of America, Inc., the initial programming, delivery, and installation fees are waived. In addition, ATM of America, Inc. Agents receive free training, tech support, network decals, and more!

*As a reminder, a surcharge is the fee charged to the customers each time they withdraw cash from your ATM.